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Porcelain Veneer Los Angeles
Porcelain Veneer Los Angeles
Porcelain Veneer Los Angeles
Porcelain Veneer Los Angeles
Porcelain Veneer Los Angeles

Porcelain Veneers Cost Per Tooth

Porcelain Veneers Cost Per ToothPorcelain veneers can be used individually or in groups to cover single teeth or as much as an entire smile. Therefore, patients are bound to wonder about the porcelain veneers cost per tooth. Naturally, the total number of veneers ordered will have a major impact on the cost of treatment, but other factors related to individual teeth must also be considered.

Factors Directly Changing Treatment Costs

The type and size of ordered veneers affects the porcelain veneers cost per tooth alongside the fee charged by our dentist. Veneers offer premium appearance and durability for the investment they require. Because larger teeth call for more materials and labor for production and placement, they will also raise the price patients pay.

Indirect Factors in the Cost of Veneers

Additional treatments and preparatory steps may be necessary before veneers can be placed. For example, our dentist may use X-rays and photos to plan treatment. Temporary veneers may be used to protect the teeth between preparation and placement of the permanent veneers. When teeth are damaged, they may also need extra treatment, such as bonding, before they can be concealed with veneers.

Our porcelain veneers cost per tooth is determined on an individual basis through an exam our dentist performs. In the long term, patients can also include any repairs they require in the costs necessary to cover teeth with veneers. At a consultation with our dentist, patients can gain further understanding of what is involved in the price of this treatment for them.

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